Painted Glass

Painted glass is achieved by simply applying a solid colour of your choice to toughened glass (including low-iron content glass, which offers a superior ‘canvas’ for the colour to adhere to).
DGW offers a range of painted glass products for both internal and external applications. These include:

• Architectural feature glazing
• Spandrel panels
• Kitchen splashbacks
• Kitchen benchtops
• Bathroom feature walls (including shower walls)
• Entry foyer statement

Painted glass splashbacks are an especially popular choice, due to their durability, lack of unsightly grout and cleanliness.
If you would like to add a statement to your home with painted glass, our team at DGW will be happy to help you make it happen. Simply give us an idea of the colour(s) you are after, and we can find the perfect match for you.

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